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How to Buy My Home

Why Buy New

Why Buy New?  


A new Clearview home provides you with the security of knowing that EVERYTHING is new, from the foundation to the roof.  Your new home comes with our New Home Warranty along with countless manufacturer warranties, which together provide you with the peace of mind you need to be confident in your new home purchase.


For generations, parents have taught their children that the path to long-term financial stability begins with home ownership. That same truth applies today!  With today’s housing market, your hard-earned dollars stretch further in providing more home for your family to enjoy.


SAVE the environment!  Clearview utilizes proven energy efficient products and technologies to provide you with a home that performs well above industry standard. 

SAVE your back!  The only thing that works in an old house is YOU!  The products that we have included in your new home have been built to last!  Providing you with high quality, low maintenance products is a top priority of ours.

SAVE money!  Historically low interest rates coupled with a variety of financing options make today the perfect time to invest in your new home!  In today’s market, sellers and mortgage companies are offering more value-added features than ever before.  All financial indicators say that NOW is a great time to buy, allowing you to gain equity in a rising market!